Review: The Women’s Floral Scents by Commodity Goods


Ivy, Rain, Dew, Magnolia, and Pinot are the five scents making up the mismatched floral group of Commodity Goods. Ivy meets the nose gently at first with notes like pink pepper and coconut. The fragrance intensifies towards the middle with green iris and that heliotrope. By the end, it settles down against the skin with the classic note of sandalwood. The 12-some-odd notes work together to create a fragrance fit for faeries. The scent feels very green, yet there are a lot of deep purples, pinks, and blues that went into it. I was left feeling like had just experienced a sweet spring afternoon. Rain is a lot of fun. Not a whole lot to it, but the notes that are there are the perfect match. Rain, the weather event, leaves everything clean and refreshed. After a good whiff of this I was met with that same pleasant sensation.


When I sprayed Dew, I smelled my mother and then I realized it was that pink rose. Commodity describes the fragrance on their site as having kaleidoscopic strokes of fruity peach nectar. I have to say this one left me pleasantly surprised. I’m not completely sure what I expected a fragrance titled Dew to be like, but I’d have to give it to them, I sat there sniffing my wrist thinking “yeah I guess this is what dew is like.” As in, yeah I guess early morning dew drops do really have this sweet soothing effect. (I mean I’m always proud of myself when I make it up and out in time to be amongst dew. Aren’t you?) Magnolia was divine. An alluring mashup of white florals escapes the bottle settling very nicely together against the skin. I fell in love instantly which, according to the description calling it a romance, I suppose is the intent.


Pinot was intense! During my first go around with this fragrance I did not like it. But after giving it another try I’m delighted to emerge with a new perspective. Pinot has a lot going on. There are a lot of strong notes combating with one another making for an overbearingly warm scent. As the top and middle notes wafted away I was left with a much lovelier scent that was reminiscent of Commodity’s own Gold and harking to the classics like Opium even. Not my favorite, but perhaps not right now. It’s a mature fragrance I will say that. Of the five, Magnolia stole my heart.

2 thoughts on “Review: The Women’s Floral Scents by Commodity Goods

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