Magnolia, triple berry bread, and good times at the farmers’ market

20140602-211606-76566104.jpgEarly on Sunday I went to the humble (but worthwhile) Howard County Maryland Farmers’ Market. An old friend, that I hadn’t seen in practically over a year, and I were looking for something to do. I had not anticipated how perfect a trip to the farmer’s market would end up being. Just before leaving for the market, on a whim, I sprayed Magnolia on my collar bone, wrist, and clothes. I didn’t know if doing so was going to be a terrible idea or not. When I first opened my new 10 ml bottle last week, I was so excited to try it but within seconds of wearing I was quickly disheartened as I developed a very strong allergic reaction to it. After a second try I had almost given up on it altogether but something told me to give it another try. Since I was headed to a farmers’ market, I wanted to wear something that was both simple and strong.


Those that frequent them can attest to the sensory experience associated with wandering through a farmer’s market. I didn’t want my perfume to confuse my senses or be overshadowed by all the stimulation. This past Sunday my friend and I were pulled in several directions. Lots to see and smell. Coffee, freshly baked sweet bread, fat healthy vegetables, bright and vibrant flowers and herbs like cilantro and basil, and of course panting dogs. While I was there I found an Ethiopian coffee blend by the Cosmic Bean Coffee Company, an amazing triple berry bread from the Stone House Bakery, and while looking for herbs for my mom I found the first member of my perfume garden, lavender lady. I also snagged some cinnamon basil for my mom.


By the end of the day (we’re talking by the time “Game of Thrones” aired) I could still smell Magnolia faintly on my wrist. It had proved the perfect smell for a pleasant and successful day. All in all it was a great day, I got to catch up with an old friend, I made up with a fragrance, and I’m finally breaking ground on a project I have been merely fantasizing about, starting a perfume garden. Yesterday, I discovered where I went wrong with Magnolia. I had sprayed way too much in combination with already experiencing an allergy flare up. I’d say you only need one good spray of this stuff in a vital area like your wrist or neck, and maybe not during your allergy season.    

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