Is Riri too raunchy?

After seeing what Rihanna boldly wore to the CFDA awards (where she accepted her Fashion Icon Award), it should come as no surprise to learn that the en vogue songstress is making headlines, yet again. This time, it’s for her latest perfume ad that has been named “too raunchy.” While I understand the Advertising Standards Authority’s concerns (Well some of them. The part about her pose being found potentially demeaning to women furrows my brow.) I wouldn’t make judgements of her in haste. We must remind ourselves of the tradition of perfume and the evolution of its appeal. Sure sure the true tradition of perfume was to cover up daily odor, but one must admit that perfume is so much more than that. Perfume is an expression, it’s a form of identity, and it’s an art. Pushing all opinions of celebrity perfumes aside, I have to say I stand in defense of Riri.


Her ad is saying what we are all thinking. Wearing perfume is an intimate experience. It goes on our bodies after all. We wear it to improve our smell and to enhance our style. We also wear it to articulate certain ideas and give evidence of our muses, or at least we can. Come to think of it, isn’t it rather ironic to criticize a perfume ad when the perfume in question is titled Rogue? You think she cares one way or another? If she did she wouldn’t have just been named a fashion icon. Might I add, Rihanna’s raunchy perfume ad is in good company.



Why, Coco Chanel even has an infamous quote attesting to the unabashed sex appeal a perfume can harbor. “You should spray perfume everywhere you wish to be kissed.” The point being, Rihanna is not the first and she will certainly not be the last. In regards to whether or not this ad is fit for children’s eyes I have to ask, since when was perfume for children?

2 thoughts on “Is Riri too raunchy?

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