Review: philosophy’s amazing grace

commingle 1: amazing grace
(*note the bottle in the image is of the eau de parfum while the review is of the perfume. Sorry for any confusion!)

After spraying a few spritz of fragrance on my wrist, neck, and clothes, a vibrant lemony-yellow transitioned rapidly into a soft sea foam green. All of it settled into a muted grey. Or, at least that’s what philosophy’s amazing grace did in my imagination. That lemony-yellow vision was conjured aptly by the three top notes (mandarin orange, grapefruit, and bergamot) while the sea foam green vision arrived naturally because of the three middle notes (freesia, jasmine, and rose). I can only attribute the muted grey to the final remaining note, musk. Yes, this fragrance is composed of just seven notes and quite evenly so. There are just three fruits, three flowers, and one hearty familiar animalic base. Of the seven notes, five are on my (rather long and forever growing) list of favorites. The notes commingled together creating a very simple light scent that was nothing but elegant.

Even though this fragrance’s design is astonishingly simple and light, the notes endure producing a scent with emotive ability that is awe-striking and yields itself to a sophistication. Out of this created sophistication comes the elegance. I wore amazing grace to work, to yoga, and almost to bed. (I debated skipping a shower that night because it left me nearly in despair to have to part my skin from the scent. But, you know hygiene is important and all.) What I loved most about amazing grace was just how light it proved to be. The scent did not overtake me or overwhelm the ones that interacted with me. I was feeling a little apprehensive about wearing perfume to yoga class–not only did the fragrance fit in amongst all the stretching and sweating, but my instructor even complimented me on it as she was helping me push further into a pose.

I have to admit, while wearing the fragrance I felt like I was nicer. I was significantly less temperamental. I guess something in the name, the daintiness, and the overall aura of what the fragrance is trying to evoke took hold of me. Isn’t that what we want out of a fragrance? When we find ourselves gravitating towards a perfume isn’t it because we want to either feel sexy, radiant, powerful, classy, daring, etc.?

A friend of my mom’s had suggested the fragrance to me over lunch one afternoon. I’ve always associated class and sophistication with this particular friend of my mom’s. Maybe it was the gorgeous ranch house she has in Texas, the full length fur coat she wore on a visit to us in the winter, or the fact she has a closet full of St. John’s clothing. Leave it up to the sweet well mannered feminine Texan to recommend a lovely demure fragrance. This fragrance is really light, I can’t stress that enough. If you’re not one to like your light scents maybe skip this, better yet skip philosophy’s whole fragrance line. If you don’t mind or better yet even prefer it, then go. Run, don’t walk! I had my doubts exploring philosophy’s fragrance line, after the first few sniffs of their scents, far too sweet for me. amazing grace isn’t like the others. It’s sweet, but it’s much softer, the flowers combat the sweet fruit perfectly. amazing grace is well, graceful.

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