About Smells like…


Welcome to Smells like…! I’m Kay and this is my blog about the art of perfume. But, as you’ll find, it’s so much more than that. Here you will find my musings on the world of perfume and relevant such topics. Sometimes my posts will be conventional reviews and  other times they’ll be more free form.  In addition to running this blog I embarrass myself via twitter while working on short stories and essays. I’m a mom to my cat Sinatra and my tortoise Perry. I love cooking, drinking wine, writing, reading, and traveling. All of this (the blog, the writing, and even Sinatra) are to help me pass the time between undergrad and saving up for a fancy fashion journalism graduate program abroad. I have a lot of fun here sniffing away and thinking about what color or novel a particular note smells like. I created this blog because far too often we take our noses for granted. So I’m here to help remind us to stop and smell the roses once in a while. I hope you enjoy.

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