Scent of the month: Imogen Rose by Lush


August brings the pending and inevitable end of summer. It also brings the promise of fall. The spicy floral notes of Lush’s Imogen Rose captures this seasonal saga perfectly. The leaves are starting to turn, our days grow shorter, and the ease of a long summer day is replaced with class lists, lengthy agendas, and sweaters. Though, the last remaining bits of warm mornings and sweet tea maintain their pulse till September has the final say. When I first took a sniff of Imogen Rose a few years ago in a Georgetown, D.C. Lush, I knew it was just right for late summer.

What I love most about this perfume is how versatile it is. It’s so simple, a rose that isn’t overpowering or awkwardly blended. The basil and bergamot notes help create that warm powdery smell that gives off an aroma that’s so natural feeling. I’ve worn Imogen Rose in several different situations and not once did it seem out of place. It’s a great fragrance for work, a lunch date, sweating in the yoga studio, or even in a more romantic setting.

I love a fragrance with a back story. Creator, Simon Constantine, made the fragrance for his daughter and with the intention of capturing the smell of fresh cut roses. I must say he hit the nail on the head with this one, and by the smells of it his daughter must be one sweet beautiful soul. Rose, for some, may seem a tad over done, but to that I say pish posh, you can never have enough rose!


Oriental Floral

Vetiver, tonka bean, bergamot, orris root, rose
ambrette, basil

Simon Constantine

Origination year:

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