I couldn’t even find my notebook!

Well, I certainly have some explaining to do. First, I’m very happy to announce that my total-unexpected-and-very-accidental-month-long hiatus is over! Right now as you read this I am reorganizing myself, which involves a lot of priority rearranging, and creating concrete plans for several projects both for this blog and for my writing proper. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me explain. Summer ended with a lot of change for me. A lot of good change. I landed an amazing editorial fellowship, that is a 40-hour a week commitment. Okay, so I’ve never worked 40-hour weeks before, it’s taking some serious adjusting. But, I LOVE IT! I’m learning so much about writing, the magazine industry, fashion, and–most delightfully enough–way more about the area I grew up in. My new job keeps me busy tracing around DC on errands, researching for stories and blogs, and getting a few tiny clips in there every once and awhile. I really like the other fellows I work alongside, and they humor me by listening to my perfume talk.

I didn’t anticipate my first month on the job requiring as much adjustment as it yielded, so some things were¬†put on¬†the back burner. Not to mention my computer’s hard drive crashed and it took me two weeks to finally get it revived. Leaving the house by 7 and returning by 7 with very little sleep left me in a very strange and exhausted state. I felt really disorganized. I couldn’t even find my perfume notebook at one point. With October came a new outlook. I came to the realization that my life is not about to slow down, and honestly I wouldn’t want it to. But I can’t let the things that make it all worth it slip away. The clear mind that yoga brings me. The feeling of accomplishment when I hit publish on a blog post. The snuggles with my cat. The coffee dates with friends. The drunken shenanigans on weekends. Discovering a new scent, one that maybe makes me think of my mom and our long talks, or my college roommate and her spirit. I couldn’t let me slip away from me.

Even though I’ve been away, my blog has never been far from my thoughts. In my month away I picked up lots of story ideas and stumbled across lots of new scents. I have so many plans for posts that I can’t way to share. One of the things this month away taught me has been the importance in taking time for yourself. That’s what this space is for after all. It’s my world from the perspective of my muses. And I couldn’t be any happier to make my return.

Thank you for reading sincerely,


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